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Spirit of All the Russias

~Can even the legendary Baba Yaga restore the world to what it was?~

Baba Yaga, legendary witch and mistress of the chicken-legged hut Izbushka, has awakened to find her ancient homeland a blasted, nearly lifeless wasteland. Forestland has vanished, the old spirits are gone, and even humanity has nearly disappeared.

"You are stubborn as we were stubborn, fierce as we were fierce, self-reliant as we were self-reliant."

One young man, Josef, finds himself caught up in Baba Yaga's search for answers. But even with Josef's insight, and with all the magic in Russia at her fingertips, will Russia's most notorious sorceress be able to restore her homeland to even a shadow of what it was?

Three Wise Monkeys

~Wisdom is in short supply and mischief abounds when three well-born young people encounter the beau monde.~

Wisdom is in short supply when the Honourable Louisa Rainley and twins Lord James and Lady Susan Haythe are launched into London's fashionable society in the spring of 1818. They are ripe for adventure and seeking new experiences. Upon making their debut, they are quickly nicknamed 'the three wise monkeys' for their individual tendencies to 'hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil'.

The threesome knows each other well; their families are connected by marriage. The Haythe twins, siblings of the new Marquess of Cheriton with whom they reside, are fair and handsome, and confident that London will be at their feet before a month is out.

Their friend Louisa Rainley is not so certain. She is lodged with another member of the Haythe family, the twins' married sister Felicity. Of a more practical, and mature, nature than her friends, Louisa can envisage problems that might complicate their debut. She knows that Susan will not listen to advice, and James sees only good in everyone. And all is not well in her host's household, partly because of his sister Rebecca Valence. However, but for the twins' family, she would not be in London at all and she is grateful to them. She is determined to do all she can to make the season a success for all of them.

There is one complication of which only she is aware. She had been devoted to Nicholas Haythe, the marquess, two years before, and had imagined herself in love with him with all the intensity of a sheltered girlhood. The infatuation has passed but she has no desire to spend any more time than is necessary in Cheriton's company. She could only regret any extended contact that the Season might demand.

Lord Cheriton, Nicholas Haythe, is burdened by charge of the three young people on their come-out. He is old beyond his years, encumbered by his father's death, his new responsibilities and his memories of his service with Wellington's army. His brother and sister he can discipline -- after the event, if not before. But Louisa he cannot control, anymore than he can control his growing feelings for her. She has suddenly grown up, become a beautiful, spirited and desirable young woman. And he cannot believe it appropriate for him to pay his addresses to her.

Wisdom is a hard-won commodity, and sometimes the cost is substantial. But if they are to find success and happiness the three "monkeys," and the rest of their family, must be wise enough to accept love, in all its guises.

Lucky Star

~An unlikely love. An unseen enemy. A lesson in faith.~

(Book Two in the North Star Series)

In Annie, E.J.'s found his North Star. In E.J., Annie's found someone who truly loves her for just her. Everything's great, right? Wrong! Despite their obvious feelings for each other, somebody’s intent on tearing down the foundation they've built. And E.J.’s the target. First his career is derailed. Then his reputation is sullied.

Annie’s determined to find the culprit. But how’s she going to do that when, as her alter-ego Cassandra Lawrence, she has a new album to record and a tour to plan? E.J. desperately wants to prove he’s worthy of Annie. Is it even possible when every time things are headed in the right direction, disaster strikes?

Can they figure out figure out who is so intent on driving them apart and put a stop to it before irreparable damage is done? From Northern California to New York and points in between, our lovers struggle to keep their unlikeliest of relationships alive amid joy, heartache and everything in between. But it's not until all appears lost once and for all that they learn faith--in themselves and each other--is what matters most.

Daughter of Trade

~Trade and title can have no common grounds...until love breaks the rules.~

Dinah Driffield has grown up happy and content in the upper middle class of society in Leeds in the north of England. Her family is numerous and loving, her friends many and her year is a satisfactory round of charitable work, social events, and summer visits to nearby Harrowgate. She expects that she will marry within her class and continue her life in much the same pattern. Her opinions of the aristocracy are low. On the evidence of limited association and much superficial evidence, Dinah believes all noblemen to be expensive idlers.

All her preconceptions are challenged, on a summer visit to her grandmother in Harrowgate, by a meeting with Sebastian Delamain, Viscount Holly. Holly is inquisitive, active and unpretentious. Though obviously disconcerted by family life as she understands it, he quickly becomes a favourite of her several brothers and sisters, and engages her affections with remarkable ease and grace.

The summer of 1812 is coloured, for the manufacturers of the north, by the activities of those calling themselves Luddites who are desperately opposed to the new machinery changing the cloth manufacturing industry. The Luddite riots and frame breaking create a tense autumn during which Sebastian tries to convince Dinah that aristocrats, like people of all classes, deserve to be considered on individual merits.

Holly finds nothing difficult or confusing about their growing attachment and is convinced that their love is all they need to create whatever future they wish for themselves. Dinah, torn between her love for the viscount and her loyalty to her class, cannot believe that society's barriers can be easily overcome. Extraordinary events will be required to convince her. Sebastian, with the love of his life and a whole new family at hazard, is willing to undertake any challenge.