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A Pitiful Remnant

~A marriage of convenience... How dreadfully inconvenient.

Lisanor needs a husband willing to marry her immediately, but he must agree to an outrageous condition. Guillemot is all but bankrupt and Clarence, the new marquess, has no choice but to marry for money. She is trained to manage a great estate, he to command a regiment, and neither is willing to give an inch. One of them must yield if they are to work together, to live together, perhaps even to love together.

Backwoods Boogie

~All Twila has to do is solve a murder, save some abused dogs and ... oh, yeah, not be pregnant.~

Redneck P.I. Twila Taunton cannot believe she is working for Jimmie-Ray, the man who stood her up on her wedding day. But she can't allow gentle Pam Taylor to go to prison for a murder she did not commit. Twila sets out to hunt down the real killer, with the help of hacker and mean guitarist Gasser Cunha, her hard-drinking great aunt Essie, and office assistant LaMercy Howard, who reluctantly agrees to go Goth. When she discovers an illegal puppy mill, and a possible dog fighting ring, Twila calls on a vigilante biker gang and her long distance lover, Harland to help.

Oh... and she might be pregnant.

London Holiday

The Internet + an unusual camera + a college project + Divine's Emporium = London Holiday. But who--or what--is London Holiday?

It started with an overnight stay at Divine's Emporium and a high school computer programming assignment. Athena found an unusual video camera, hooked it up to her computer, and video taped her cousin, London, whom everyone called Doni. She thought nothing of it, after all the other odd events of that night.

After all, Neighborlee, Ohio was the weirdness capital of the United States, and Divine's Emporium was the caretaker, the way to control all that weirdness and keep the magic tamed. At least, that was what everyone who saw the strange things and people and events chose to believe.

Three years later, in an experimental computer class in college, Athena and her teammates chose to create a social media site as their project. The site, called FlopDrop, needed a hostess. Doni agreed to be the foundation for all the images of the hostess, whom they named London Holiday.

To the surprise of the team and the class -- and the disgust of their rivals and enemies -- FlopDrop took off. London Holiday and her CGI friends became overnight Internet sensations. London seemed to take on a life of her own.

By the time Athena and Doni realized that their artificial person had become a self-aware Artificial Intelligence, they weren't quite sure what that harmless experimentation three years ago had created. Were they midwives at the birth of a new lifeform or repeating Dr. Frankenstein's mistakes on an even bigger scale?

Fortunately, all this was happening in Neighborlee, where outsiders didn't seem to notice the background weirdness, and residents either shrugged it off as, "So what else is new?" or had a good idea what to do to fix the problem.

Redneck P.I.

Twila's a Redneck and proud of it. Hunky Harland O'Connor's a P.I. with a target on his back. An explosive situation!

Twila Taunton hates living in Yankee territory and has vowed never to allow a man into her life again. Everything is turned upside down when she invites hunky P.I. Harland O'Connor to the company picnic and she looks into his bedroomy eyes. Even worse, his equally as hunky twin brother makes her overlook her cop allergy.

Twila finds herself ducking bullets, and when Harland is wounded, she steps in to pinch-hit for him. Her lack of city-sophistication and disregard for political correctness help her solve some tough cases. And then someone tries to blow her up. She and Harland are soon caught in a dizzy, dangerous tangle that could cost them more than their lives.

Wish Upon a Star

~An unlikely love. An unseen enemy. A lesson in faith.~

Annie and E.J. are on top of the world. Her concert world tour as Cassandra Lawrence was a smashing success and they've just announced their engagement to the world. Now that they're settled in at Annie's Northern California estate, it's time to relax and enjoy life. Until E.J. gets a call from her with news that's as devastating as it is unbelievable.

Annie has breast cancer.

Their love is tested in unimaginable ways as chemotherapy robs Annie of her health and her hair, but not hope. She holds on to the hope of beating the cancer and marrying the man she loves. While the key for Annie is to hold onto that hope, their future together may be lost forever unless E.J. can learn to let go. For its not until he can learn to forgive himself and let go of the guilt that haunts him that he can truly move forward and be the man Annie needs him to be.

Will the chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiation be enough to help Annie beat the cancer? Will E.J. face down the demons that haunt his past in time to save their love? Will they ever get that happily ever after Annie so desperately wants? While trust and faith in each other has gotten them this far, they'll need one more thing to make it to their finish line--hope

The Honeymoon Hoax

~How will hopeless romantic Libby convince hard-hearted divorce lawyer Sam that Arkansas needs a honeymoon hideaway?~

Six years as a divorce lawyer have convinced Sam Knight that wedded bliss and happily ever after are merely myths he wants no part in perpetuating. So when he discovers his Arkansas mountain fishing resort has been converted to a honeymoon hideaway, he storms into Wildwood, demanding an explanation from manager Libby Turner.

Libby knows exactly how to show Sam the value of his remodeled investment. She will prove to this marriage Scrooge that love isn't a one-way ticket to divorce court. But with his rugged good looks and stubbornness, Sam is intimidating and more man than she's ever encountered. Can a hopeless romantic persuade a determined realist that sometimes fairy tales really do come true?