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Wish Upon a Star

~An unlikely love. An unseen enemy. A lesson in faith.~

Annie and E.J. are on top of the world. Her concert world tour as Cassandra Lawrence was a smashing success and they've just announced their engagement to the world. Now that they're settled in at Annie's Northern California estate, it's time to relax and enjoy life. Until E.J. gets a call from her with news that's as devastating as it is unbelievable.

Annie has breast cancer.

Their love is tested in unimaginable ways as chemotherapy robs Annie of her health and her hair, but not hope. She holds on to the hope of beating the cancer and marrying the man she loves. While the key for Annie is to hold onto that hope, their future together may be lost forever unless E.J. can learn to let go. For its not until he can learn to forgive himself and let go of the guilt that haunts him that he can truly move forward and be the man Annie needs him to be.

Will the chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiation be enough to help Annie beat the cancer? Will E.J. face down the demons that haunt his past in time to save their love? Will they ever get that happily ever after Annie so desperately wants? While trust and faith in each other has gotten them this far, they'll need one more thing to make it to their finish line--hope

The Honeymoon Hoax

~How will hopeless romantic Libby convince hard-hearted divorce lawyer Sam that Arkansas needs a honeymoon hideaway?~

Six years as a divorce lawyer have convinced Sam Knight that wedded bliss and happily ever after are merely myths he wants no part in perpetuating. So when he discovers his Arkansas mountain fishing resort has been converted to a honeymoon hideaway, he storms into Wildwood, demanding an explanation from manager Libby Turner.

Libby knows exactly how to show Sam the value of his remodeled investment. She will prove to this marriage Scrooge that love isn't a one-way ticket to divorce court. But with his rugged good looks and stubbornness, Sam is intimidating and more man than she's ever encountered. Can a hopeless romantic persuade a determined realist that sometimes fairy tales really do come true?

The Kingís Gift

~Can love survive lies, mistrust, betrayal and murder in the maelstrom of rebellion?~

Accomplished and fiercely independent Lady Eleanor de Tracy is ruthlessly seized as hostage by Sir Hugh Fitzwilliam, friend and loyal liegeman to King John I of England. A traitorous lineage is not all this mysterious lady conceals, and Hugh soon discovers that loyalty to his king may be the very thing that destroys any hope of ever knowing what lies beneath Eleanorís stubborn evasions.

Hugh believes that a woman given to him as a chattel will never care for him, while Eleanor must undo her family's disgrace before seeking her heart's desire. Both are hostages to the past, driven by conflicting loyalties. In an age of rebellion and betrayal, danger lies not only within the court of the last Angevin monarch but in the lawless forests beyond every city wall.

In a world where the monarch gives and takes all, Eleanor and Hugh discover what price the pledge that comes with the gift of a king.

Secrets, Lies & Homicide

~A web of old lies and family secrets conceals the motive for murder. But when itís torn...~

Claire Marshall is delighted when Tony Burke hires her little construction company to restore his childhood home. Tony is a race car driver who has lived in Italy for years. Why he decided to return to New Orleans is a mystery, but anything Tony does is news, and working for him is an opportunity for some good publicity.

Claire learns that Tonyís father was an artist and convinces him to open the old studio. Maybe they can find some art to hang in the restored house. They do, but they also find a skeleton with its skull bashed in.

Tony was a child when the studio was boarded up, but he thinks he knows what happened. Within 24 hours there is another, apparently related, murder. The police suspect Tony. He admits that he has a motive and no alibi but insists the motive lies in the past, not with him.

Claire is drawn into the investigation--and drawn to the prime suspect. Surely, she knows better. Tony is as famous for his romantic exploits as for his racing victories. He could be a killer. Even her cat views him with suspicion.

Tony asks Claire to help him find an old land deal he thinks will solve the old murder. They follow a twisted money trail and uncover evidence of a spectacular swindle. When they come too close to the truth, the killer comes after them.