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In Wildest Dreams

~Is he the imaginary figure who protects Ellie from nightmares, or a living, breathing man?~

Ellie Boone bakes novelty cakes for a living. Kit Macchiano is the handsome photographer who lives down the hall. They occasionally have lunch together, but never without her best friend and other neighbor, Hanna. Both women are fascinated by Kit, whose bachelor lifestyle contrasts sharply with their where-are-all-the-good-men desperation.

Ellie never tells Kit that her parents hunt mythical monsters for a living and host their own cable television series. But they do, and they're in a jam, with the threat of cancellation hanging over their heads. For that reason, Ellie's mom begs her to accompany them on a hunt for the Cherufe, a legendary Chilean cave monster. Ellie, who hasn't traveled with them getting lost in a cave at age six, reluctantly agrees, but only if Hanna can tag along.

Ellie tries to convince herself that she can overcome the lingering trauma of her childhood misadventure. For one thing, her resulting nightmares rarely recur these days, thanks to a male presenceóa personal dream catcher--her subconscious inserted into a particularly bad dream years ago. For another, she'll have sweet, funny Hanna around for moral support. But a last-minute emergency sidetracks her friend. And though Kit volunteers to step in for Hanna, Ellie isn't thrilled and only agrees out of desperation.

To make matters even more awkward, her parent can't be talked out of their assumption that the two of them are a couple. It's only when Kit and a frightened Ellie are deep inside the cave looking for the Cherufe that deja vu slams her. She's suddenly sure they know each other way better than she originally thought. In fact, it almost feels as if Kit has helped her through this ordeal before.

But how? Her dream catcher is just a figment...isn't he?

The Education of Portia

~Lord Stadbroke's three daughters have come to Portia Crossmichael's school to learn. But it is Portia who receives the education--in love and joy and, most difficult of all, in loss.~

An old favorite with a new look!

Portia Crossmichael is content with her life. She owns her own school close to London, and finds pleasure and satisfaction in educating the young ladies whom she is employed to teach. The companionship of her artist step-brother and her friends--some of whom she employs as teachers--enlivens her quiet days. Nothing, it seems, will disrupt the quiet tenor of her life.

She has reckoned without the advent of Ingram Perrington, Lord Stadbroke, and his three daughters. He, freed in the past five years by the deaths of a domineering mother and an unreasonable wife, has been enjoying the delights of the metropolis. The viscount has a low opinion of women, and does not know how to deal with his girls as they mature. Portia finds herself becoming deeply attached to his daughters--and to him--knowing familiarity can only lead to heart-break.

Her equanimity is further strained by the advent of her step-father Harold Dent. He demands money and threatens to destroy the school--their livelihood--with scurrilous lies if they do not pay him for his silence.

Torn between truth and blackmail, growing affection for Stadbroke's daughters and an escalating interest in the viscount himself, Portia faces the loss of all her dreams. What lessons must she learn? And will they be happy ones?

Honor Bound

~Why can't the Duke of Lyndhurst remember why someone wants him dead?~

The new Duke of Lyndhurst, Lieutenant Colonel Miles Barclay, arrives home from the Peninsular War severely wounded, with no memory of how he was injured. He finds Seabring understaffed and the rectorís daughter in charge of his baby brother, Lord Peter, a child he wants nothing to do with.

Claire Trent has loved Miles since she tagged after him and her big brother when they were children. Widowed shortly after a youthful marriage, she has taken on the monumental task of holding Seabring together despite next to impossible circumstances. But now she must accept the greatest challenge of them all. She must save Milesí life with her reputation intact, all the while hiding the fact that her feelings for him go far beyond friendship.

One, two, and then three inexplicable accidents put Miles, Peter and Claire in danger. Is someone trying to kill them all? Or just the duke?

No Way Back

~Trapped on the other side of time, Waverly is determined to go home. Getting there could cost her life.~

Waverly Jones went out for an afternoon, and ended up falling into a tunnel that dropped her in another time. A mysterious woman is waiting for her, and promises to help, but only if she disappears into the Regency society she suddenly finds herself in.

Playing the game expected of her, she attends balls and house parties, and meets Andrew, an intriguing ship's captain. But as other gentlemen begin to pursue her, a new future starts to unfold, one she fears she canít escape. Desperate for a way out, she returns to the tunnel, never expecting to find a killer waiting for her.

On the run for her life, Waverly escapes on Andrew's ship, bound for the Americas, and faces threats from all sides. Threats that grow more dangerous when she discovers Andrew has secrets of his own.