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A Case of Greed

~A dead judge, missing briefcase and a plea to stop a killer. Adam Larsen is back!~

When Denver lawyer Adam Larsen agrees to observe a trial at the request of a young--and very attractive--female lawyer whose case is going badly, he has no idea he embarking upon another one of "those" cases, as his paralegal, former Bronco Maurice White, refers to them. Cases that involve murder.

Chief Judge Milton Gumauer refuses to admit key evidence presented by the young lawyer, despite her having laid a proper foundation for admission of the materials. And the judge is inexplicably irked by Larsenís presence in the courtroom. After a verbal confrontation, His Honor orders Larsen to leave the courthouse. As Larsen reaches the exit, a gunshot rings out. Judge Gumauer, alone in his chambers, has been killedóbut not before leaving a cryptic message, imploring Larsen to solve a murder.

With no information about the victim, the cause of death or even the time or place of the crime, Larsen has no clue where he would even start--and no particular desire to try. But when the judge's clerk is murdered in her home, Larsen's curiosity begins to simmer. And when he learns that the battered briefcase he noticed in the judge's chambers has vanished, Larsen's interest begins to boil.

He quickly finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of bribery and corruption, where there is no one he dares to trust. Even his old nemesis, Sergeant Joe Stone, has suddenly been placed on administrative leave. Undaunted, Larsen turns to his trusted staff--and, of course, his favorite private investigator, Jana Deacon--to search for the answers. But even when he thinks he has figured it all out, there are still surprises lurking in the shadows.

Knightless in Seattle

~Out of gas, but not out of magic, Jackieís about to find out that knights and true love donít just exist in fairytales.~

Jackie is on her way to work one Saturday morning to fulfill yet another of her bossís outrageous demands, but the love magic she doesnít know is woven into the gloves made by her best friend sends her instead on an unexpected detour to true love.

Too bad there arenít any knights-in-shining armor around when a girl needs one. But maybe one wearing chain mail will do just fine. Lance Masters, European Martial Arts Master extraordinaire, appears out of the misty Seattle rain when she runs out of gas. The zap of chemistry between them makes her wonder if she has met the man of her dreams, but her hopes are just as quickly dashed upon learning that her gallant knight is only in town to attend a huge local Live Action Role Play (LARP) event taking place that weekend.

Lance Masters has a chain of European Martial Arts studios back East and is thinking of expanding to the West Coast. When he meets Jackie, wet, bedraggled and pushing her dead-as-a-doornail car in the rain, he knows he must see her again. He invites her to cheer him on in tomorrow's multi-state European Martial Arts tournament. But he suspects that wonít be nearly enough.

A House of Her Own

~Claire doesn't trust her lover, thinks her new house is haunted, and is being stalked by a street gang. So what else can go wrong?~

That house in that neighborhood for that price? Claire Marshall thought sheíd hit the jackpot. Her company would restore the old house to its previous glory and sell it at a huge profit. She hadnít counted on the runaway girl hiding in the upstairs bedroom, the brutal gang chasing her, or the angry ghost who may or may not be keeping the gang at bay.

The neighbors are delighted that someone is fixing up the neighborhood eyesore and happy to share what they know about the ghost. Her name is Dorcas, and she died after falling down the stairs. How she happened to fall is a mystery. The little girl whose memory holds the key is now middle-aged, her mind irreparably damaged by a lobotomy.

Claireís business partner wants to write off their investment and walk away, her workers donít want to go inside, but Claire doesnít believe in ghosts or in giving up without a fight.

Another, bigger battle she faces involves her heart. Dare she trust the man she loves? Tony is back on the Grand Prix circuit, driving in a racing season marred by fatal accidents, and, according the media, finding comfort in the arms of another woman.

Just when Claire thinks that things canít get worse, they do.

Dollar Down

~What began as a simple missing persons case turns into something that could bring down a nation.~

Mick Sanchez arrives in Paris to find his client, a global management consultant, has gone missing. A director in the firm hires Sanchez to find the missing client. To his surprise, the director, a beautiful woman, takes more than a professional interest in him. When both she and his client are murdered, he becomes determined to discover why. HIs investigation leads him to discover a complex conspiracy to destabilize the worldís oil market, undermine the dollar and ultimately alter the balance of power among nations. Before long Sanchez finds himself the target of people he had trusted, in a gambit of seduction and betrayal.