The Uncial Letter – November 2011

We had such a wonderful Birthday Party. Thank you all for coming, and special thanks to everyone who entered our daily Scavenger Hunt. We had thirty-eight winners altogether–thirty-one daily winners, five special winners (we tossed in some extra books to celebrate a three-day weekend) and two really, really lucky winners of e-readers. Last month we told you about Jody, who won the KOBO, but you may not have heard about Michelle, who won the Kindle. When Star gave her the good news, she said, “Words are failing me, but I am just so excited and I had such fun with the contest–not to mention I was introduced to some terrific stories.”

Now that the party’s over, don’t forget where we live. Come by now and then and check us out. Write to us at Or visit our Facebook ( and Twitter ( ) pages. We’re working on getting a blog going ( ), but what with the Birthday Party fuss and other minor complications (life is just full of those pesky things, isn’t it?), we haven’t made much progress yet. One of these days…

Thanksgiving’s coming up here in the U.S, just a few days from now. While we’d have loved to have found a story about a turkey to offer you, they don’t make very interesting heroes or heroines. Instead we’ll take you to one of our favorite places, Mount Hood, our favorite volcano, a popular destination for skiers for most of the year, and the pointy white mountain that shows up in so many photographs of Portland. A good place to spend Christmas, if you’re lonely, grieving, or hurting from a broken heart.

Betrayed by the man she thought she loved, Shawna Carlton seeks solitude in a lonely mountain cabin, only to discover that it lacks most of life’s necessities–like indoor plumbing. Gregory Harris just wants to be left alone, to nurse his grief and escape the daily demands of people who need him. What happens when they find themselves stuck with each other, far from civilization and central heating? In KEEPER OF SECRETS, by J.A. Clarke, you’ll share their discoveries as they each deal with the pain of lost love.

In December, we will bring you another holiday-themed story. In LORD OF MISRULE, Judith B. Glad invites you to join the families of her “Behind the Ranges” series in celebrating Christmas, 1868 style.

We have some really great stories coming up in 2012, some by your favorite authors and some by new ones. We’re excited and hope you will be too. We’ll tell you more about them in next month’s issue of The Uncial Letter.

Be thankful, be happy, be reading.

Star and Jude.

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