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January 21st

What Inspires You?

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A big source of inspiration for my writing is music.  I’ve written whole books based on an idea that resulted from a song title or the lyrics themselves.  Places inspire me, as well, especially the mountains or woods.  And there’s nothing I love more than a good rainy day.  I usually sit on my front […]

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January 20th

Not so Romantic

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I’ve always been a big fan of movies as a source of entertainment. Early on, they piqued my imagination, resulting in a fun-filled adventure that was all inside my head. Romantic that I am, I’m drawn to on-screen relationships, especially if they’re not central to the plot. That means I don’t really care for movies […]

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January 19th

I Need a Hero

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I wish you could see the room where I write.  I think I can best describe it by quoting the guy who came to my house to fix my ailing computer:  “This must’ve been a teenager’s room.”  Um, no.  I left my teens in the sixties. This is my office! And all the posters on […]

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January 18th

Things That Go Bump in the Night

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I love a good paranormal read. My favorite authors are Jeaneine Frost, JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, and Jim Butcher, all of whom write books with supernatural themes. For that reason, writing about the paranormal comes easy for me, and I have not only written about psychics, but also tackled demons, demidemons, shapeshifters, witches, […]

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January 17th

What is Beauty?

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Years ago while writing category romance for Silhouette Books (as Linda Varner), my editor and I discussed “perfect” characters and how we hated to read stories about unrealistically attractive, talented people.  All that’s really required for a good love story is for the hero and heroine to be beautiful to each other, and that’s more […]

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January 16th

Are Psychics for Real?

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I sincerely believe that our brains are the final frontier. It makes perfect sense that our minds could control our bodies if we just knew how to tap into that resource.  I think we could manage our weight, heal our broken bones, and who knows what else if we had the smarts to do it. […]

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January 15th

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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My novella Knowing (by Linda Palmer writing as Jael Gates) has been released by Uncial Press. The story is about a young realtor named Natalie Dane, who is trying to sell an old house. Based on the negative reactions of potential buyers, she seeks the help of Simon Grayson, a psychic who might be able to figure […]

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January 14th

Guest Blogger Jael Gates

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Our guest blogger next week will be Jael Gates author of Knowing.

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January 12th

New Releases for January

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Knowing by Jael Gates and Skylark by Sheila Simonson are our new releases today.

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January 11th

Fun from CES

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Another day of walking and looking and geeking at CES in Las Vegas. I did not see any new ebook readers today, but I did see what I think may be the coolest new device. Samsung has a new phone/tablet/thing coming out soon. AT&T will be the first, they say, to carry it. Larger than […]

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