The Uncial Letter – February 2014

NewNLlogoHow do you like our new look? We got really, really tired of plain, ordinary newsletter, so we decided to jazz it up. But being do-it-yourselfers, we had to learn how to take the step from plain and ordinary to bright and fancy. It was an interesting experience, because the code required is unforgiving. A simple misplaced ampersand (&) can make a world of difference. And that’s nothing compared to the havoc an errant < can wreak.

We are quite proud of the fact that the formatting of all of our ebooks is the result of this same urge to do it ourselves. And while we admit they are not as fancy as some you can buy, we’ll match the content against anyone’s. Even better, when you buy one of our ebooks directly from us, you get a file without Digital Rights management (DRM), which means you can convert it to any other popular format. Or you can simply download the formats you need, because your purchase from us gives you access to ALL the formats we make (or will make in the future). Forever, or at least as long as we are in business, which we intend to be a very long time because we love what we are doing.

We also love our authors. They are the most valuable part of Uncial Press, because it’s their stories that make us what we are. Way back in 2006, when we first put out a call for submissions, a few brave souls sent us their books, and those books were so good that they got noticed, by other authors as well as readers. As new authors have come to us, they’ve continued the tradition of excellence.

There’s one more part of Uncial Press that we sometimes forget to acknowledge. You. We love our readers. You’ve told your friends about us, you’ve written to tell us what you like (and occasionally what you don’t like), and you’ve bought our books, both directly from us and from other ebooksellers. You are why we are still in business after nearly eight years.

And that’s our Valentine to you all, authors and readers alike. You are marvelous!

Well, not our only Valentine. Our February releases both qualify as Valentines, because they are wonderful love stories.

Lesley-Anne McLeod’s Regencies rate high among our favorites. So we’re again delighted to bring another one back into e-print. But it’s is a little different sort of Regency romance. Sebastian, Viscount Holly, is everything one expects: rich, urbane, noble. But Dinah Driffield is a Daughter of Trade. She has little respect for the aristocracy, her father is a manufacturer, and one of her brothers is a radical, not quite a Luddite, but in sympathy with their ideals. So how is Sebastian going to convince Dinah that he’s not a useless idler? And how is Diana going to convince herself that class doesn’t matter when true love comes along? Enriching this poignant love story is Dinah’s family, as delightful collection of young people as you will find anywhere. And an unlikely villain we dare you to identify until his mask is removed. (Daughter of Trade; ISBN 978-1-60174-177-6; $6.99)daughter_2x3

Is anything more unlikely than a dedicated bicyclist from Indiana falling in love with a famous rock star from California? Only if the woman he calls his Lucky Star loves him as much as he does her. Aside from the challenge of a long-distance love affair, E.J. and Annie (AKA Casandra Lawrence, favorite of millions) live such different lives that just getting together for a weekend requires the sort of planning usually associated with publicity campaigns. Actually, that’s a good analogy, because in the midst of their courtship, Annie is planning a concert tour while E.J. works to fit into his new role as a consultant to a bicycle manufacturer. But someone is undermining their every effort, and soon they find themselves caught in a web of distrust and suspicion. Only trust in each other can save their relationship, and that’s hard come by. (Lucky Star; ISBN 978-1-60174-178-3; $6.99)luckysta_2x3

So what’s next? March will see us bringing you another Lesley-Anne McLeod Regency and a very different tale that just might become part of Russian folklore. Three Wise Monkeys will romp their way through London Society while they enjoy the Season together. And John C. Bunnell reveals what can happen when Baba Yagi returns to a world very much not to her liking in Spirit of All the Russias.

Wishing you good weather, good times, good reading,

Star & Jude

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