The Uncial Letter – February 2015

Last fall Jude visited Normandy Beach in France. She was on a tour she’d chosen because it included the Loire Valley and Chartres Cathedral. World War II memorials were the last thing on her mind. That morning turned out to be the most interesting, and the most emotional, experience of her ten days in France.
For one thing, the tour guide, a young Frenchman, was a historian, and he loved his subject. He was also a superb storyteller, bringing the history of the area alive. During the first stop, at Omaha Beach, Jude was an inadvertent participant in a short, poignant service in which two veterans of that battle paid tribute to their fallen comrades. The tour continued to the other landing places: Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches, and made a lunch stop in Arromanches, where remnants of Mulberry Harbor, an immense floating dock, was where much of the materiel for the Allied advance across France was landed. The whole day was an amazing experience, and one Jude will never forget.
Titanium coverSo what does this have to do with ebooks? Only that shortly after her return, Jude read Linda Palmer’s Titanium for the first time and knew it was definitely something we wanted to offer to our readers. And no, it’s not a WW 2 story, or a history lesson. It’s a paranormal romance, a mystery, and a bit of a thriller, all rolled into one exciting, memorable tale. Zander Bennett, like so many returning soldiers, has demons to face, while Riley McConnell is threatened by masked men pretending to be demons. From their first encounter in a mall food court, the plot thickens and the attraction between them strengthens. Zander could be any wounded warrior, and Palmer’s superb portrayal of the challenges he and his equally wounded comrades face in trying to return to their old lives is moth moving and gripping. ( ; $6.99; ISBN 978-1-60174-199-8)
A good way to get to know an author is to watch or listen to an interview. Just recently a couple of Uncial Press authors have made appearances on YouTube or radio. Trish Jackson talks about her Redneck P.I. Series, especially her recent release, Backwoods Boogie in this video: Advance to 40:00 to watch Trish’s interview. Recently Judith B. Glad was interviewed by another Uncial Press author, Ed Goldberg, at All Classical FM. His program, Author, Author, can be heard at And while it’s not a personal interview, we recommend you catch CJ Golden’s rap video at CJ’s book, Tao Girls Rule! shows teen girls how to find balance, stay confident, be bold, in a world of challenges.
Next month we’ll be offering Broken, the long-awaited fourth book in Ann Simko’s Coyote Moon series. In April, Mary Patterson Thornburg spins a tale of intrigue and treachery, romance and revenge in The Kura. Both are available now for preorder at Amazon.
We’ll also be touring our authors’ blogs next month. They’re really varied and interesting, and we think you’ll enjoy the tour.
As always, stay well, be happy, and keep reading–Ebooks!
Star & Jude

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