The Uncial Letter – June 2016

That famous sage, Anonymous, once said “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Pretty good advice, and we’d like to be able to take it more often than we do. It’s such a great big, wondrous world, and there just isn’t enough time to see it all.

Or money. For most of us, budgeting for a trip is a primary consideration, perhaps even more crucial than finding the time to go. But still we dream of going to places we’ve read about, visited within the pages of a book or on a movie screen. Who doesn’t find the Trevi Fountain familiar, having watched Maggie McNamara toss in her coin, along with a wish for a return visit to Rome. How about taking a ride on the Orient Express? Bet you’ve done that, either in a book or a movie.

Hawaii? James Michener took us there, as well as to the South Pacific. Top of the Empire State Building? Take your pick from a bunch of books and films with scenes set there, most of them romantic, but a few downright scary. The Alps? For some oh-gee-whiz scenery, See The Eiger Sanction. The Australian Outback comes alive in Robin Davidson’s Tracks, a true account of her 1,700 mile trek. And so on.

There are thousands of books and movies that can take you to faraway places, and some of those places only exist in the imagination. Think of Middle Earth, Wonderland, Barsoom, and Hogwarts. Just as many will take you through time, to ancient Greece, Regency England, prehistoric America, the future worlds of Star Trek or Star Wars, even to the Andromeda Galaxy.

What are you waiting for? Let’s travel!

We’ll begin with a journey to a tropical paradise. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Pirateless in the CaribbeanBut workaholic Stephanie would rather be in her office than on a plane to a Caribbean island resort. She has no choice, though, because her boss insisted, the stinker! He even gave her a list of wacky things she had to do while there, and demanded that she bring back proof she’d done them. What she doesn’t know is that there is magic in the sexy little monokini her friend Nicole knitted her. And it’s about to lead her into all sorts of trouble…ah, adventures…with a dashing pirate. You’ll love Pirateless in the Caribbean, the second book in Jill Jaynes’ Knit Witchery Tales, available at all the usual ebooksellers. (ISBN 978-1-60174-216-2; $3.99)

Carolina's Walking TourOnce again we’re showing off the new look of a Lesley-Anne McLeod Regency Novel byte. This month it’s Carolina’s Walking Tour, a moving love story about a young woman facing almost certain spinsterhood and a wounded and troubled veteran who discover more than the streets of Bath together.

Coming up in July is a short, tense mystery by a new-to-Uncial-Press author, J.D. Webb. Nine One One is available now for preorder at Amazon, soon at KOBO and the iBookstore.

Are you traveling this year? We’d love to hear about it at

And remember: wherever you go, be sure to take along an ebook, from Uncial Press.

Bon voyage,
Star and Jude

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