The Uncial Letter – November 2016

Waiting for inspiration. Hoping for inspiration. Pleading for inspiration.

Those are all three common occurrences in our lives. They are something all writers endure. Yet somehow they all manage to survive. For which we are thankful, because if they did not manage to come up with new, fresh stories to tell, where would we, as a publisher, be? So thank you, all our authors, for your wonderful stories.

And while we are being thankful, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being faithful readers of our authors’ books. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of Uncial Press this year and we’re still going strong, thanks to you folks out there. The ebook world is changing. It has been since before we released our first tiles and it undoubtedly continue to evolve long after we’ve released our last (at some distant future date, we hope). Stick around, please. There are many, many stories out there that haven’t yet been told, and we hope that we’ll have an opportunity to offer some of them to you when they come along.

Which reminds us: We’re always seeking new voices, new storytellers who excite us. If you’re working on your first book (or your tenth…hundredth…), consider joining us, because we are committed to offing our readers the very best stories in the world. Visit our submissions page to see how to introduce yourself and your story.

Most Wanted coverWe love book series and are always delighted to announce the beginning of a new one. Linda Palmer’s “Psy Squad” series opens with Most Wanted, in which Kate shows up only because she’ll get paid to undergo some tests. Surprise! She not only passes, but is invited to join a select group of wildly talented people. What she doesn’t realize is that she’ll be risking not only her life, but her heart. (Most Wanted, ISBN 978-1-60174-222-3, $3.99).

Although we’re not releasing anything in December, we’ve got another double feature coming in January. J.D. Webb returns with a new, exciting mystery. Imagine a police detective who has the uncanny talent to recognize a Death Smell. And Mary Patterson Thornburg will take you back to Underland with a short story in the series: Battle Royal.

It bears repeating: thank you to our authors for writing such good stories, and to our readers for choosing ebooks from Uncial Press.

Star and Jude

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