The Uncial Letter – January 2017

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are behind us, perhaps we’ll have more time to read. We sure hope so. Seems like every time we stole a few moments to relax with a good book during the past six weeks or so, something interrupted us. Not that we’re complaining, because most of the something’s were fun or entertaining or delicious. But still, we need our reading fixes or we get cranky.

As you may all have heard by now, AllRomance eBooks and OmniLit closed their doors on 31 December. If you were a customer of theirs, we want you to know that you can still buy our books without DRM from Untreed Reads, as well as from all the other usual outlets. For those of you who may have lost Uncial Press titles you purchased from ARe, we’ll replace the files if you can provide a receipt showing your purchase. Write to and attach a copy of the sales receipt.

Due to a series of mistakes (ours, mostly), our January releases came out early. We usually put new titles up for sale around the middle of the month, but this month they were released on the first. That means J.D. Webb’s Death Smell and Mary Patterson Thornburg’s Battle Royal are out there, just waiting for you to enjoy them.

Death Smell Teresa Macklin, who accepted Mack as a nickname to fit in as part of the mostly male police department, stifles an overpowering smell of death each time she visits a murder scene. Her latest case becomes a serial killing with the murderer leaving calling cards with every victim. When the killer sends a taunting email she wonders if even she is one of his targets. (Death Smell, $2.99, ISBN 978-1battlero_2x3-60174-223-0).

Back when he was just Lon Kardl, before he knew he was the crown prince of anywhere, he’d had a pretty good life, all things considered. No, he and his stepfather hadn’t gotten along very well, so he’d had to learn how to take punishment. Yes, he’d had his troubles in school, so he’d had to know how to fight. But it was good he’d learned those things, wasn’t it? Because the Old Court was a bad place for a boy, just turned fifteen, who looked older than his age. He was going to have to fight–he was going to have to win that fight–if he wanted to get out of the trouble he was in now. (Battle Royal, $2.99, ISBN 978-1-60174-224-7).

Our February offering is a different sort of book, difficult to categorize, so we’re calling it a dystopian YA science fiction thriller. Ascension, by Carmen Capuano, is the story a young woman who sees a terrible inequity in her society and sets out to change it. We’re sure you will find it as unusual and compelling as we did. It will be released on schedule, the middle February, and is available for preorder right now, at the usual ebooksellers.

We hope 2017 the best year of your lives (so far), and wish you time enough to read all the books you want (just make sure that some of them are from Uncial Press).

Star & Jude


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