The Uncial Letter – March 2017

One of the side benefits of being in the ebook publishing business is that we get to read a lot more books than we publish. They come from authors hopeful that we’ll offer contracts.

Okay, so we don’t exactly read all of the material that’s submitted to us. A fair proportion of the submittees do not read the instructions on our submissions page and send us serious non-fiction, vampire stories, or children’s books (none of which interest us). Or pdf files (we don’t even look at those). Or fancied-up manuscripts with pretty-colored paper and fancy script (we raise our eyebrows at those, but generally we do read them). Otherwise we’re not fussy, because we firmly believe that it’s the message, not the medium (within reason) that’s important.

So what “messages” are we looking for? Well-written fiction, and occasionally really humorous non-fiction. What you, our treasured readers, have shown us with your purchases over the years is that you want us to offer you good genre fiction: romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery and suspense. Lucky for us, people keep sending us stories like that, although not as often as we like. In the last year or so, we’ve received way too many submissions that would give us nightmares if we tried to edit them, a couple of non-fiction pieces and several fiction offerings that were intended to be funny, but we didn’t really “get” the jokes, a lot of fantasy and science fiction with “a message” but not a lot of excitement in the plot, and some suspense/thrillers that were all violence and not much else.

We got some really good stuff, too, and you’ll be seeing it over the next while. A good example is this month’s offering, a mystery/suspense novel written by a rocket scientist (honest!).

Mike O’Hara investigates crashes. Sally Montez scrutinizes software. They team up to determine why one, and then another, state-of-the-art, fly-by-wire corporate jet crashes with no obvious cause, and no warning. Is the software designer at fault? Is someone on the board of ZYCO deliberately undermining the value of its stock? Or is a competitor determined to dominate the market at any cost? Whatever the reason for the inexplicable crashes, Mike and Sally must come up with answers. Or die trying. The Failover File, Al Haggerty’s first book, is a gripping tale of intrigue, sabotage, corporate espionage, and deliberate, cold-blooded murder, spiced up with a dash of romance, a soup├žon of humor, and some darned good story-telling. (ISBN 978-1-60174-226-1, $6.99)

Next month we’ll return to Neighborlee, Ohio, that delightful town where the boundary between mundane and fantastic is thin enough to let you slip through now and then. Michelle L. Levigne will give you a peek into what it’s like Growing Up Neighborlee.

In case you’re wondering, yes we are still–always–seeking good stories. If you have one, let us have a look at it. We’d love to share it with our readers.

And if you’re one of those readers, stick around. There’s more good stuff coming, and it’ll be available from just about every ebookseller on Planet Earth..

Star & Jude

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