The Uncial Letter – April 2017

Do you use the library? Or perhaps we should ask “How do you use the library?”

Once upon a time libraries were repositories of books, the kind with words printed on paper pages bound within hard (or soft) covers. They still are that, but they are so much more these days. Don’t have a computer? You can probably go online at the library. Need a meeting room for your model airplane club? The library may have one you can use. English language lessons or an interpreter? Some libraries offer one or both. The thing they offer that’s most important to us, though, is books that patrons can check out and read on their computers, tablets, or phones. Or listen to on–yes indeed–their computers, tablets, or phones.

Back when we first looked into such things, the selection at our local library was pretty dismal. Only a few books and mainly those on the bestseller lists. No romances, not a lot of mysteries, only science fiction that was being optioned for movies. That’s all changed now. At least it has at our library. We recently did a search for Regency romances and found 563 titles available. The selection of mysteries was mind-boggling. SF ditto. Plus thrillers, fantasies, and just about any other fiction genre you might want. And that’s not to mention the non-fiction titles we didn’t even try to count.

All Uncial Press titles are available to libraries worldwide. If you want to read one but you’ve already used up your monthly book budget, ask your local librarian to order it. Better yet, get a friend to do the same, because two requests are even better.

Growing Up Neighborlee coverIn the meantime, how about visiting one of the most unusual towns in America? Michelle L. Levigne will be your guide as you experience Growing Up Neighborlee. The fifth book in her “Neighborlee, Ohio, Stories” series, this one introduces more of the unusual children who live in Neighborlee. How unusual? How about a little girl who can fly. Another one whose temper can affect electronics. A boy who can make any sort of gadget work in unlikely–and apparently impossible–ways. When children like that join forces, pretty much anything can happen–and often does. Especially when the town bullies try to interfere. (Growing Up Neighborlee, ISBN 978-1-60174-227-8, $6.99).

In May we’ll meet more members of the Psy Squad in Psychic High, Book Two in Linda Palmer’s series about a school where young people with paranormal talents learn how to find the world’s Most Wanted criminals and terrorists.

When you’ve read these, why not check out your library’s ebook and audio book selection. And don’t forget to ask for a title from Uncial Press. You’ll find them all listed on ourĀ  website.

As always, we wish you good reading,

Star and Jude


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