The Uncial Letter: Not-An-April-Fool Special Edition

There comes a time in every book’s life when it needs a little boost. Not because it’s tired, but because it’s no longer new, even though the story inside is still fresh and interesting and exciting.

We decided that’s happened for some of our older titles, those we published during our first five years. So We reduced the prices on most of them. Permanently. Such a bargain!

Drop by anywhere our ebooks are sold and SAVE!

Actually, we hope it’s everywhere. We’ve learned that changes sometimes take a while to trickle down, so perhaps some of the smaller ebooksellers haven’t gotten the word yet, but they will, soon. If you’ve been waiting for something but it wasn’t quite in your budget, check its price now. Before you buy, check our website to make sure you’re getting the bargain.

Aren’t sales grand? Especially when they last forever.

Star & Jude

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