The Uncial Letter – May 2017


But first…

Have you ever begun a task, gotten distracted, and gone off to do something else? Were you able to finish the second task, or did something remind you of another chore that needed doing first, and off you went again?

We call that “But firsting.”

You have to dust the bookshelves, but first you need to put away the Christmas cards you left on the shelf until you had time to update your address book. And you really should do that first, because if you don’t, you’ll forget until it’s time to send this year’s cards, and you won’t remember where you put those cards. But first, you need to find a pen because the one on your desk has dried up. Before you sit down, you really should…

Never mind. We’ve all been there. It’s really amazing anything gets done, isn’t it? So let’s talk about this month’s release. But first…

Along about the beginning of every month, we start thinking about what we want to say in The Uncial Letter that month. We try to be amusing or informative, and sometimes we even like to offer an opinion or two, but mostly we want it to be interesting and entertaining. But sometimes we fell as if we’re shouting into the wind, because we don’t get a lot of feedback from you, our readers.

What we’re going to do is give away a great read (your choice) to five of you who write to us and say something about The Uncial Letter (we hope nice, but it doesn’t have to be). We’ll collect your emails until the end of May, when we’ll choose the winners at random. In the meantime, we’d love it if you’d tell your friends, so they can write to us. The catch is, they’ll have to either subscribe to The Uncial Letter or visit our blog so they can offer an informed opinion. So spread the word. Write to us. Win something wonderful to read.

Psy Squad Book 2

In the meantime, let us tell you about this month’s release. Linda Palmer writes paranormal romance, some of the best paranormal romance around. Her Psy Squad series is sometimes listed as New/Young Adult, but even we adults who’ve been around a while are certain to enjoy the stories. Psychic High is the second title in the series. At the Rutledge Institute, Caleigh hopes to learn to handle her psychic gift, but when she meets Miles she is majorly distracted. He’s just too good-looking, too smart, too talented…too much. Even worse, he’s going to have to poke around in her thoughts in order to help her identify a mass murderer. And all this on top of adjusting to a new school a long way from everything familiar. (Psychic High, ISBN 978-1-601714-228-5, $4.99)

In June Jael Gates will make her second appearance here,

with The Phoenix Predicament, a seriously sensual story about a woman who breaks a phoenix egg and has to live with the consequences. You’ll enjoy this sexy, funny, and tender story about a couple of extremely star-crossed lovers. Available now for preorder.

But first, write to us.

Star & Jude


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