The Uncial Letter – June 2017

The Uncial Letter – June 2017

A weed is a plant that grows where it isn’t wanted. That is the botanical description of a weed. Honest!

That makes weed one of those labels that can be applied anywhere it seems appropriate. There are lots of weeds in the English language, and they are slippery little words, indeed. Some others that come to mind are “large” (bigger than a breadbox? Or than a locomotive?), “small” (relative to a star or a pebble?), and “look” ( lists 36 definitions of this ubiquitous word). We often ask our authors to substitute more accurate (or interesting) words in their stories. And we use a few weeds here at Uncial Press, mostly to describe genres and sub-genres.

Take “horror” for example. To us, a story that fits in the horror genre is one that scares us enough to keep us awake, or give us nightmares. Star gets the shivers when someone even mentions zombies. Jude shakes in her shoes at the mention of vampires. So when one of those pops up in our submissions email, we almost always say “No, thanks.”.

“Regency” is a slippery genre label. Strictly speaking, the Regency period (in England) lasted only as long as George IV was Regent, 1811 to 1820, but any story set between about 1805 and 1825 mostly fits the genre, because society and style didn’t change all that much between the battle of Trafalgar and the death of George IV. If you Google Regency period, you’ll get all sorts of dates for it. Mostly we rely on “feel”. If it feels like a Regency romance, and is set in England around that time, what else should we call it?

Erotica is even more slippery, mostly because the line between erotic romance and sensual romance is a broad one, with fuzzy edges. When we opened our virtual doors, we decided not to publish pure erotica, because there were already a bunch of others out there who were doing a good job of it. But we also agreed that if a good sensual read came along, we’d take it, as long as it had a romance in it. We’ve had a few over the years and are delighted to offer another one this month.

Jael Gates returns with a story about a young woman who breaks an egg and pays for it in a strange, and sometimes painful way. She must live the existence of a phoenix, burning to ash every solstice and equinox, only to be reborn as a new woman. Trouble is, the new woman doesn’t look at all like the old one, so she not only needs a new wardrobe, she needs a new identity. Of course, this really complicates her love life in ways both funny and heart-rending. If you like a spicy, sexy story with a paranormal twist, The Phoenix Predicament is for you. (The Phoenix Predicament; ISBN 978-1-60174-229-2, $4.99). You’ll find it at your favorite ebookseller.

In July we’ll be introducing a new author, something we love to do. Australian Leonie Hall’s spine chilling paranormal romantic suspense, A Scent of Roses, is a contemporary story with a strong Gothic feel to it. Maggie is touring Castle Cragmoor when she encounters a portrait of an earlier earl only minutes before his living image appears before her. And events just keep getting stranger… Available now for preorder at Amazon and KOBO.

The summer (or winter) holidays are approaching. Don’t forget to take along your ereader and a virtual stack of ebooks from Uncial Press.

Star & Jude

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