The Uncial Letter – July 2017

There is a college in California that has a slug for a mascot. Slugs are just snails without shells. They are nothing but a single foot with a mouth. Unfortunately that mouth is filled with tiny, little teeth–up to 27,000 of them, all of which are extremely efficient at munching on tender seedlings–and bigger plants, too. One year in Jude’s garden they stripped a dozen baby marigold plants overnight, right down to the bare stems.

We could recite all sorts of other interesting stuff about slugs, but we’d rather just forget about the slimy, little pests. Unfortunately we can’t, at least not here in western Oregon, where slugs abound. We have snails too, but somehow they don’t inspire quite as much of the “ick” factor, despite their being closely related to slugs. Maybe it’s because so much of their bodies is hidden inside the shells. Slugs and snails are so abundant around here, in fact, that the Oregon Department of Agriculture has published a guidebook to them.

Perhaps you find slugs and snails of no particular interest, or even a little repellent. But we do want to remind you that without snails, we’d never have Escargot à la Bourguignonne, which is delicious.

As to why on earth we’re talking about slugs and snails, we say…why not? A wise woman once said, “There are no uninteresting topics; only uninterested people.”

And now it’s time for the real reason for this issue of The Uncial Letter

Our July Release. Ta Da!

Gothic romances have castles and women in peril and castles with secret rooms and evil villains and often even ghosts. This month we’re bringing you a story that has all of the above, as well as a few twists on the traditional gothic. An old injustice, a new romance and a timeless mission of vengeance combine to make Australian Maggie Selby’s introduction to Castle Cragmoor and Harry, the ninth earl, exciting, tempting and…dangerous. Leonie Hall’s exciting A Scent of Roses is a story you’ll have trouble putting down. (A Scent of Roses, ISBN 978-1-60174-230-8, $5.99)


We have decided to take a long holiday this year: the entire month of August. But we’ll be back in September to bring you a delightful contemporary romance about a man, a woman, and a barn full of horses. Ballantyne’s Battle, by Lisa James, coming 15 September, will be available for preorder on 1 August.

Until then, keep well, keep happy, and keep reading. eBooks, of course.

Star & Jude

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