The Uncial Letter – September 2017

Did you read Black Beauty when you were a child? How about The Black Stallion? Or maybe you were more interested in western sagas and delighted in Zane Grey’s Wildfire.

There is a time in many children’s lives when they become fascinated with horses. Huge graceful yet gentle animals, horses are somehow both real invitation to adventure and creatures of fantasy. We don’t have a lot of experience with little boys’ daydreams–we were little girls, after all–but we can remember our little-girl fantasies. And some of them were about horses.

We longed for horses of our very own. Many, if not most, little girls do. Most outgrow the longing, or set it aside, moving on to other dreams. For instance, a friend of ours decided early on to be a nurse, and became one. Another decided she wanted to be a carpenter. She ended up a scientist, but she helped build her own house. A woman of our acquaintance once dreamed of becoming a spy, but ended up an accountant, something no one would have ever predicted. Go figure.

Once in a while though, someone does grow up to achieve a childhood dream, And this month Lisa James tells us of one woman who did.

Ballantyne's Battle CoverLike Brit, who trains and rides show jumpers. She also gives riding lessons, but her newest student isn’t her favorite. In Fact, she is so uncomfortable with him that she dies everything she can think of to get rid of him. But Rane endures the torture–sore muscles, bruises from falling off, and even being put to work in the barn, because he is intrigued–and more–by his lovely–and prickly–teacher. He does his best to combat her fascination with an old boyfriend, her insecurities, and her innate reserve. The only barrier left is Brit’s determination to hold onto her independence, and that may be the hardest obstacle for Rane to overcome. Ballantyne’s Battle, ISBN 978-1-60174-231-5, $6.99.

We do love Regency romance, and in October we’ll bring you a new one, by a new author. Lucy M. Loxley’s Her HumHer humble Admirer cover (small)ble Admirer is a delightful Regency romp with all the trimmings: an independent heroine, a dastardly (sort of…) villain, and an honorable hero. Don’t miss it!

Summer’s over, and this year we, here in Oregon, are glad to see it go. We’ve had record heat, too many days without rain, and smoky skies. Good think we had plenty of great backlist ebooks to read while we stayed in the shade. So if you’re looking for something new, peruse our backlist. You might be surprised what you might have missed. They are all at our website.

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