The Uncial Letter – January 2018

Dorm Rats coverThis month’s release is Dorm Rats (Growing Up Neighborlee, Book 2) the 7th Neighborlee, Ohio novel, so we asked the author, Michelle L. Levigne, to tell us a little bit about the series:

Anybody confused? If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that I didn’t write all these books in chronological order.

Of course if you noticed that, then that means you’ve been reading the stories. (Thanks!) Jane, heroine of book #5, Hero Blues, first arrives in Neighborlee in that story—but she was already there, running her store, in the first published book, Divine’s Emporium.

In the 4th book, London Holiday, you heard about the accident that put Lanie Zephyr in her wheelchair—but you saw Lanie for the first time, in her wheelchair, coming into Divine’s for the Christmas party, in the 2nd book, Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas.

So what’s going on?

Angela and Divine’s Emporium showed up in a few short stories I wrote for a short-lived magazine. I had lots of ideas for short stories where the magic of Divine’s helped people with romantic problems. When I wrote a book, Living Proof that the Good Times Roll, from Lanie Zephyr’s point of view (and no, that book hasn’t been published. Yet.), I decided to set it in Neighborlee, since I’d already created the town. While I was waiting for an agent to respond to my queries, I worked on short stories set in Divine’s Emporium. The exiled Fae, Maurice, showed up and tied all the stories together. I already had a half-written story about Jane, who wanted to quit being a superhero, so I had her show up in Neighborlee when I wrote Divine’s Emporium. London Holiday showed up on one of Maurice’s days of “normalcy,” borrowing from an idea I had for a satire about an ordinary girl getting mistaken for a glamour chick being hunted by the paparazzi. After I solved Maurice and Holly’s problem – and gave Angela a happy ending, I decided it was time to write London’s story—as a confession told by her cousin, Athena. Then I decided to finish Jane’s story and tell how she came to Neighborlee. That’s how Hero Blues came to be.

During this time, I wrote a few flash fiction pieces about Lanie’s childhood. It made sense to write about her childhood, figuring out how to be a semi-pseudo-superhero, and learning more about the town, the magic, the rules, the enemies. So that’s how the chronologically first Neighborlee books came to be written. And really the first book I ever wrote, set in Neighborlee, is STILL waiting to be turned in to our intrepid publisher. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Here’s the order of events/books set in Neighborlee:

Growing Up Neighborlee
Dorm Rats
London Holiday starts at the end of Dorm Rats
Living Proof (not yet published)
Night of the Living Proof (rough draft)
Hero Blues
Return of the Living Proof (just notes)
Divine’s Emporium
(Want to be more confused? Characters from another fantasy series, The Hunt, come to Neighborlee: #1: Dawn Memories)
Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas
Divine Knight
(#2: Quartet, #3: Butterfly, #4: Finders Keepers, #5: Gathering)
More Living Proof books are planned: Daughter of the Living Proof, Bride of the Living Proof, The Living Proof Gets the Blues, and other titles.

Does that help?

Thanks for hanging on and reading, even if you aren’t getting the stories in the right order. There’s no telling where and when I’ll get more Neighborlee story ideas. But they’ll always be fun!

Dorm Rats is available in all the usual places, including Amazon , KOBO, and soon at Untreed Reads  (ISBN 978-1-60174-234-6; $6.99).

* * * *

Commoner By Choice coverComing up next month is Commoner By Choice, the tenth book in Judith B. Glad’s “Behind the Ranges” series. Someone believes Eliza’s inheritance is a buried treasure. And he’ll kill to get it. Is Micah King man enough to protect her?

We’ve a great year planned for you. We’ll be introducing some talented new authors and offering some fabulous new stories, as well as new installments in a couple of favorite series. So join us on our venture into 2018.

Wishing you all a Happy New year, filled with great reading—from Uncial Press, of course.

Star & Jude

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