The Uncial Letter ~ February 2018

Our guest this month is Al Haggerty, author of The Failover File, a finalist in the 2018 EPIC Awards. And following that, we’ve got a new release to tell you about, as well as what’s coming next month. Read on…

Being a writer, especially a new one, is not always a lot of fun. The writing part is fine, but getting your book on the market is the real challenge. It takes a thick skin to deal with feedback from editors, agents, readers and other writers. It takes the sort of grim determination that would pass for insanity if you weren’t…you know, a writer. I get asked by my friends all the time whether it is worth the effort.
I started writing The Failover File during the first George W. Bush administration, and it has been a pretty tough haul. After many years, three editors, 74 rejection letters, two titles, a new crime, a different bad guy, a totally new ending and no sales, I finally landed a great publisher, Uncial Press. Through it all, my only goal was to have somebody I wasn’t related to read my book. Was it worth it?
The Failover File went on sale last spring, and in late July, I received a mysterious letter from an address I didn’t recognize. Junk mail, I thought. Inside was something totally new: a royalty check from Uncial Press’s bank. Somebody had read my book.
Gravity seemed to decrease as I held that check in my hand, and there was suddenly more oxygen in the air. I felt intoxicated and energized at the same time, like I was drunk on Irish coffee. (I’ve done this and don’t recommend it.) I jumped in my tiny, turbocharged Volkswagen to get the check to the bank before somebody tried to take it back.
I live in a small town in eastern Washington, and the high point of the year is when the unlimited hydroplane racers come to run on the Columbia River. The region goes all out to make the most of the event, and the local police forces band together to make sure all the tourists and race fans get a proper welcome. It was the Friday before the races started, and when I hit the freeway in my adrenal state, I was immediately nailed for doing 77 MPH in a 60-zone. All the local police organizations cooperate well to fight crime in this region, and I was stopped by two police cars, like I was the Taliban. No, Officer, I don’t have a good excuse.
Between the fine and my royalty check, I was in the hole $129 for my writing career.
So, is writing worth the effort? All the rejection, and the time spent alone in front of a word processor?
Totally. Somebody read my book.
If you have read The Failover File, I thank you. If you are looking for a new read, I hope you’ll check it out.

Speaking of the EPIC Awards, two other titles from Uncial Press are also finalists: Nine One One and Death Smell, both short mysteries by J.D. Webb. All three–and the rest of our titles–are available from your favorite ebookseller.

“Journey Behind the Ranges, where wilderness challenges heart and soul.” That’s the tagline for Judith B Glad’s western historical romance series. This month you can read Commoner By Choice, another exciting episode in the continuing adventure. Micah King, newly widowed and melancholy, is persuaded to take on a job guiding tenderfoot Eliza Jane Dollarhide into the wilderness of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains in search of her inheritance, a container filled with papers that may–or may not–be worth a fortune. Unknown to either of them, a relative of the miner who bequeathed the papers to Eliza is determined to take them for himself, and will let nothing, not even murder, stop him. Micah and Eliza flee along ancient trails through unmapped mountains, never knowing when they will face danger and death. Yet their journey might also lead to everlasting love–if they survive.  ISBN 978-1-60174-235-3; $6.99)

In March we’re delighted to be bringing a beloved story back into e-print. Ginny McBlain’s heart-warming Bear Hugs has a new cover and has been updated just a tad, but inside it’s the same wonderful, award-winning story about love and choices and sacrifices it’s always been. Don’t miss it.

Our 2018 release schedule is full and we’re beginning to schedule books into 2019. That’s exciting, for us at least. We’ve always aimed to bring our readers the very best stories we can find, and you’ve made that possible by buying them. Thank you, from our authors, our staff, and most especially from…
Star & Jude.

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  1. Alexandra Wallner Says:

    Thank you, Al, for the story about your royalty check. I will send for a sample of THE FAILOVER FILE. Congratulations on the nomination for the 2018 EPIC Awards! Best of luck to you. You are already a winner because you took the time to write a book. No easy task. Write on!