Dollar Down:Mick Sanchez, P.I. by Sam Waite
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Dollar Down:Mick Sanchez, P.I. by Sam Waite

What began as a simple missing persons case turns into something that could bring down a nation.

Mick Sanchez arrives in Paris to find his client, a global management consultant, has gone missing. A director in the firm hires Sanchez to find the missing client. To his surprise, the director, a beautiful woman, takes more than a professional interest in him. When both she and his client are murdered, he becomes determined to discover why. HIs investigation leads him to discover a complex conspiracy to destabilize the world’s oil market, undermine the dollar and ultimately alter the balance of power among nations. Before long Sanchez finds himself the target of people he had trusted, in a gambit of seduction and betrayal.

223 pages

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