Drowndead (Gin Ritchey Mysteries Book #5) by Marthanne Shubert
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Drowndead (Gin Ritchey Mysteries Book #5) by Marthanne Shubert

The first thing in the morning isn't the best time to find a body in the water, but that's how Gin Ritchey's day began. It went downhill from there.

The Little Basin is home to a quirky bunch of people who choose to live aboard their boats. Like most small communities, they mind each other's business, especially when it comes to solving a murder. Even so, Gin doesn’t find it easy to untangle the complicated threads that led to the murder--not by drowning--of Carl Euless, an irritating know-it-all who owned a topless health food store that turns out to have a profitable sideline in anabolic steroids. 

Before long Gin realizes that there was more than simple greed behind the murder. Yes, someone wanted to the latest shipment of steroids, but perhaps he--or she--wanted something more. Before Gin can figure out what the "more" is, there is another murder that has to be related to Carl's death. But how?

221 pages

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