A House of Her Own: Claire Marshall Mysteries #3 by Patricia Dusenbury
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A House of Her Own: Claire Marshall Mysteries #3 by Patricia Dusenbury

That house in that neighborhood for that price? Claire Marshall thought she’d hit the jackpot. Her company would restore the old house to its previous glory and sell it at a huge profit. She hadn’t counted on the runaway girl hiding in the upstairs bedroom, the brutal gang chasing her, or the angry ghost who may or may not be keeping the gang at bay. 

The neighbors are delighted that someone is fixing up the neighborhood eyesore and happy to share what they know about the ghost. Her name is Dorcas, and she died after falling down the stairs. How she happened to fall is a mystery. The little girl whose memory holds the key is now middle-aged, her mind irreparably damaged by a lobotomy. 

Claire’s business partner wants to write off their investment and walk away, her workers don’t want to go inside, but Claire doesn’t believe in ghosts or in giving up without a fight. 

Another, bigger battle she faces involves her heart. Dare she trust the man she loves? Tony is back on the Grand Prix circuit, driving in a racing season marred by fatal accidents, and, according the media, finding comfort in the arms of another woman. 

Just when Claire thinks that things can’t get worse, they do.

264 pages

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