Uncial Press Submissions

~We are seeking storytellers~

Can you tell a story that grabs a reader, and doesn't let go until the last page? Can you decorate the stage of your reader's mind so that she/he is pulled into the scenes? Most of all, can you make your reader identify so completely with your characters that she/he becomes part of the story?

Uncial Press is seeking submissions of complete manuscripts. Our present needs are for futuristic, contemporary, paranormal and historical romance, other fantasy and paranormal stories; cozy and traditional mysteries; Science Fiction; and nonfiction how-to books and humor. Please feel free to query us about stories in other genres, because the list of what we would like to see is far too long to include here. We will consider both book-length works (at least 50,000 words) and superlative shorter fiction (at least 5,000 words.)

Uncial Press does not publish erotica, horror or Christian inspirational books

We will consider previously published titles. When you submit, please tell us where it was published before, and be prepared to show us proof that you have regained your electronic rights.

If you submit to several publishers at the same time, we ask that you tell us so. Be warned, however, that we don't give those manuscripts priority, and may put them at the end of our submission queue.

Please send clean manuscripts. We frown on accidental misspellings, inaccurate word usage, incorrect punctuation, and loose writing.

Send your manuscript to We don't ask for any special formatting, but we do insist on RTF files, in order to avoid conversion issues. Make sure your name and email address are on the manuscript and the title of the work is in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, include your name (both real and pseudo), a short synopsis of your story (1,000 words or less) and your current email address.

If we accept your book, you will be asked to go through it one last time and send it to the editor within 30 days.

We will let you know when we receive your manuscript. Our goal is to respond to all submissions within 60 days, so if you don't hear from us by the end of two months, please remind us you're still waiting.