The Rake's Reflection by Lesley-Anne McLeod
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The Rake's Reflection by Lesley-Anne McLeod

The fifth Earl of Torgreave, Rupert Manningford, has determined to reform his rakish ways. Ten years of dissolute living have brought him no pleasure, and offer no future. He returns to sobriety and eschews gambling and debauchery in his effort to reform. It has even crossed his mind to find and marry a virtuous lady-- if one will accept him--and get himself an heir.

His plans are disrupted by the arrival of a beautiful young Scottish woman. Miss Cordelia Tyninghame of Edinburgh. Her appearance reveals a remarkable mystery, a puzzle that defies understanding. Their search for comprehension takes them from the ice of the Frost Fair to the beginning of the London season. Propinquity conducts them to love, but love will lead only to anguish until the mystery is resolved. And that will alter Delia's past, Rupert's future, and the lives of everyone around them, perhaps even allow love to heal their hearts and transform their lives.

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