Vivia, Waking by Mary Patterson Thornburg
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Vivia, Waking by Mary Patterson Thornburg

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For almost thirteen years, Vivia has been a child. Now, suddenly, she's a woman. That's startling enough, but she's pretty sure she can learn to handle it. She's not so confident, though, about other things. She's begun to know what people are feeling. She can change what they're feeling. She can make things happen – make water boil, make the wind around the campfire slacken – just by willing them to happen. All this is unsettling, but even scarier is the fact that she's been careless with her new-found powers. Her older brother knows what she can do, what she's becoming. Witchery, he calls it, and he also knows what will cure her. Now Vivia has a choice to make, and she'd better make it fast.