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Kenneth L. Levinson

Kenneth L. Levinson

Kenneth L. Levinson is the managing partner of the law firm of Balaban, Levinson & Costigan, P.C., focusing on real estate, litigation and the defense of professional liability claims. An avid collector of early mystery novels, he is also a guitarist and songwriter who has written more than 500 songs. A Knight At The Opera is the fifth of Adam Larsen mystery series.

Visit his website www.klevinson.com.


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Shadow in the Night

~When Denver lawyer Adam Larsen undertakes to help the sister of a missing woman accused of a high-tech embezzlement scheme, he quickly discovers there's more to the caper than meets the eye.~

Denver lawyer Adam Larsen--always an easy target for damsels in distress--undertakes to help the sister of a missing woman accused of a high-tech embezzlement scheme. He quickly encounters an arrogant CEO with a habit of stretching the truth, and a hostile security chief who bitterly resents Larsen's meddling. An anonymous phone call leads Larsen on a bone-chilling mountain trek where where he discovers a grisly and unwanted answer to the mystery of the missing Alice Bryant. And who ransacked the apartment of Bryant's beautiful assistant? After someone tries to electrocute the CEO, Larsen believes he knows some of the answers. But then there's the matter of the missing money?

Knight at the Opera

~This opera ended with a man tumbling from the balcony--to his death.~

As the unplanned finale of the Denver Opera Company's production of Carmen, a member of the audience plunges to his death from the top balcony, nearly landing on Denver lawyer Adam Larsen and his paralegal, former Denver Bronco Maurice White. What appears to be a mere accident becomes far more complicated when the mystery woman who had accompanied the deceased can't be found. Much to the displeasure of Larsen's nemesis, Sergeant Joe Stone, the dead man's wife hires Larsen to represent her in dealing with her husband's ex-wife and his accounting partners. But questions begin to arise. Why was this happily married man soliciting the services of a so-called escort service? And what is so important about his secret post office box that someone assaults Larsen's significant-whatever-she-is, private investigator Jana Duncan, outside the Cherry Creek Mall? Only Adam Larsen's nimble brain and quick sense of humor can sort it all out--but can he do it in time to save Jana's life?

Final Argument

~A civil lawsuit turns decidedly uncivil when death takes control of the case.~

Daniel T. Scadman, the meanest lawyer in Colorado, is murdered during a pre-trial deposition at the office of Denver lawyer, Adam Larsen. As Scadman's successor moves the case toward trial Larsen's client, Josie Ballantine, who also happens to be his girlfriend, abruptly fires Larsen, placing her faith--and apparently much more--into the eager hands of her young insurance lawyer. After Larsen confronts a corrupt court reporter, someone tries to frame him for her murder. Before the fog clears, Larsen receives a desperate plea from Josie. A secret from her past has emerged, turning the Quinlan real estate trial into a disaster. Ready or not, Larsen must act.


~Deadly fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve.~

New Year’s Eve at a popular Denver night spot. Undercover police officers and a Denver lawyer named Adam Larsen--all pursuing the same drug dealer. Their plans go up in smoke when a bomb kills the police informant. The clock is ticking and the murderer must be identified before the stroke of midnight.

An Unconventional Murder

~Murder strikes at a writer's convention in the midst of a record-setting blizzard, stranding the conventiongoers at a luxury hotel with a cold-blooded killer.~

Everyone is intrigued by the murder mystery the Executive Board of the Colorado Fiction Writers Association has created for its 2008 writer's convention. The problem is, the board has done no such thing. The Abody in the back of the auditorium at the Marquis Hotel is a real corpse, dressed in articles of clothing someone has deliberately stolen from each of the Board members. Arthur Upton, CFWA President and a former New York cop, senses that the stolen clothes make this murder something personal. Lakewood Police Detective, Mitch Cameron, has a problem of his own. Two items from his Weapons of Destruction display have vanished. He soon finds one of them, a garrotte, wrapped tightly around the dead man's throat. Cameron knows that the other weapon, a nine inch stiletto, is still somewhere in the hotel, where a record-setting blizzard has stranded him without backup. As night closes in, the snow continues to fall relentlessly--and Cameron and the board know they must confront a cold-blooded killer.

A Man of His Word

~Adam Larsen may attract danger like a magnet, but no one's ever tried to blow him up before.~

As Denver lawyer Adam Larsen and his legal assistant enter a wealthy client's mansion for an evening appointment, they are literally blown off their feet. The bomb in her private bathroom killed her instantly--and leaves Adam wondering why she wanted so urgently to meet with him. Known to her many enemies as The Empress, mining magnate Helen Emerson had been in the midst of a bitter dispute with a coal miners union, and now her children persuade Adam to fight their battle for them. He soon finds himself embroiled in hostile negotiations, receiving death threats, and dealing with a gun-toting femme fatale. And then matters get complicated...