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Marthanne Shubert

Marthanne Shubert

I was born some time back in Illinois and spent my first 18 years in a small town downstate. After the usual college career, I got an MA in English Lit. at U.of I., and met my husband, a Korean War vet with a bad case of congenital itchy foot, there. While he finished his PhD in Engineering, I produced five kids and took various part-time jobs: everything from waitress to library asst. to clerk-typist.

We trailed the kids after us to Texas, Louisiana (New Orleans!), Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia, and the Big Island of Hawaii. After that, with the kids all grown up and busily producing grandchildren, we moved to southern Florida. In addition to my addiction to writing, I've been: an English instructor, a high-school teacher, a word-processor operator in an Agronomy dept., a temp, an assistant to a bankruptcy trustee, dogsbody for a Mac-freak programmer and inventor manqué, and mailroom employee in a mailing service.

Fifteen years of living on a 26-foot sailboat in south Florida provided a rich fund of characters and experience for mysteries.


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Stormy Murder

~The hurricane was deadly, but the bullet was fatal.~

Stormy Murder by Marthanne Shubert

Hurricane Andrew left more than devastation in his wake. Aboard the Pretty Woman, Shorty Stubblefield had survived the wind, but not the bullet in his head. Once again Gin Ritchey is faced with a mystery, and this one is complicated by a couple of unscrupulous treasure hunters, an ex-wife more interested in justice than her inheritance, and the hurricane's aftermath. The more clues she turns up, the greater the danger to marina residents who know too much, and she may be one of them.


~Who was she, really? And why was she dead?~

The first thing in the morning isn't the best time to find a body in the water, but that's how Gin Ritchey's day began. It went downhill from there.

The Little Basin is home to a quirky bunch of people who choose to live aboard their boats. Like most small communities, they mind each other's business, especially when it comes to solving a murder. Even so, Gin doesnít find it easy to untangle the complicated threads that led to the murder--not by drowning--of Carl Euless, an irritating know-it-all who owned a topless health food store that turns out to have a profitable sideline in anabolic steroids.

Before long Gin realizes that there was more than simple greed behind the murder. Yes, someone wanted to the latest shipment of steroids, but perhaps he--or she--wanted something more. Before Gin can figure out what the "more" is, there is another murder that has to be related to Carl's death. But how?

Death of Leisure

~An aging beauty, a handsome placekicker, and Forida sunshine can be a lethal mixture.~

Calvin Kahanamoku is a college football star on a scholarship, young and good looking. So when aging but still lovely--and rich--Helen Palmgren offers him bed and board for Spring Break, he canít resist. Their idyll ends when he discovers her dead in her boudoir and finds himself the most likely suspect.

Calvin calls on P.I. Gin Ritchy to find the real killer and clear his name. When Gin starts digging into Helenís past, she finds too many well kept secrets, including a murder that no one but Helen suspected. And now Gin, too, may be in deadly danger.


~A classic locked room mystery. A dead body, no way out, and no one but the cops--and Gin Ritchey--cares who killed him, Good riddance.~

P.I. Gin Ritchey and the other marina inhabitants are surprised to find that a murder has taken place right across the canal. The victim is detestable talk-show host Win Lovatt, a man with myriads of enemies. A fair few people, in fact, are of the opinion that the killer has done a public service; Gin herself is not sure she cares if the murderer is caught or not. Enter Lovatt?s widow, the beautiful Lolita. The police are convinced that she murdered her husband, with whom she had a yelling match just before she went home to Mother. They would arrest her out of hand if they could find out how she got out of the locked and shuttered house after the killing.

With the help of a fat yachtsman who spied the murderer from the top of his forty-foot mast and a wealth of information gleaned from many of Lovatt's non-fans, Gin solves the mystery, but can't make up her mind whether to share what she's learned with the cops or not.

A Woman to Blame

~Snowbirds from new Jersey come to Florida to get away from it all...until they discover that too many dark secrets came with them.~

Florida P.I. Gin Ritchey lives on a boat and takes life easy whenever she can. Trouble is, she never overheard a conversation she didn't find interesting. Her snowbird neighbors from New Jersey, three couples and a widower with a sexy young girlfriend, spend a lot of time outdoors where she can share their lives vicariously.

When the widower dies mysteriously, everyone suspects the girlfriend, but Gin isn't so sure. There's something suspicious about the situation, and when she talks to Bunny (who was born Agnes), she figures out how a seemingly natural death could really have been murder. All she has to do is prove it.

Before Gin can put the puzzle together, another of the snowbirds is dead. Her husband is the obvious suspect in both deaths, but Gin isn't convinced he did it. Her investigations reveal some secrets the snowbirds would have rather kept, but not in time to prevent yet another attempted murder. When she finally learns the reason for the first death, all becomes clear--or does it?